After months of pondering the idea, I decided to go ahead and launch this, the
feature request board for Craft users.
What is
the Craft Feature Request Board
? As the name implies, this is THE place to be if you want to file a new feature request. Forget about Slack; don't waste your time on Circle (because there are no feature request channels over there anyway!)
To help you out, I already filed a few of my requests to start things off. 😀
Why should you care about filing your feature requests here?
1️⃣ First, if you spend time writing your requests on Slack, remember that these requests are deleted after 90 days! There is no memory of all user requests, at least publicly available! This is sad. It's Slack's fault. This board will keep the requests as long as this board exists! Also, Circle doesn't provide a clear place to file a request. Even if it did, it would lead to confusion because people wouldn't know where to file their requests. Also, according to recent discussions on Slack and Circle, it is clear that the Craft team is unwilling to create such a place to file requests.
2️⃣ Second, your request might have already been filed by someone else. If that's the case, upvote the other request instead. It's the best way to have a clean database of feature requests. Canny, the platform hosting this board, will try to find similar requests for you. Pay attention!
3️⃣ Third, this board will likely be monitored by someone working at Craft! If they pay attention, you might end up being listened to! But that's not the main point for building this:
if the Craft team ever asks me to hand them the board, I'll gladly accept and give they keys so they can manage it and keep building on it.
Does Craft sponsor this board?
No. This is a personal initiative coming from a passionate Craft user. I'm not paid to do this. My passion for Craft drives me to do it. I want the app to continue to evolve and thrive closely tied to people's needs.
About the changelog
The changelog is usually the place to document changes and new features from a specific release. Since I'm not the developer, I'll use the change log to publish updates about this board, like this post!
One more thing
Submitting a feature request requires that you register with the service. It's free. This ensures that sending a request is deliberate, which helps bring some quality to the content. Speaking of quality, requests will be monitored and moderated by myself. I may ask for clarification or merge a request with another one. Don't take it personally, and don't bother the team at Craft; they won't help here.
Finally, this board is not the panacea for all problems and challenges, but It will become a central place to express your expectations and channel your voice to the Craft team, provided they watch the board.
Oh, and one more thing: I suggest that people stop submitting their requests on Slack and Circle and come over here instead. This post will be shared on Slack and Circle so the word gets out. If they are valuable and unique, I may decide to recreate some feature requests that get posted over there here. I'll let you know when this happens.
Keep coming back here and upvote requests, this is the only way to keep this small corner of the internet lively and useful.